Q: When can I register?

  •  Registration opens JAN 1, 2013.

Q: What is the registration fee?

  • $30.

Q: Why do I have to raise $300?

  • Your funds will be used to underwrite the costs of the concert, competition and conference (marketing, insurance, permits, merchandise, equipment, entertainment, security and emergency services, etc). Your efforts will allow 100% of all funds raised at those 3 fundraising events to be used to purchase ultrasound machines and training for pregnancy resource centers (PRCs).  Your efforts also allow us to provide you with:
  • Meals
  • Campsites
  • Shower facilities
  • 3 tee-shirts
  • An awesome mission trip experience with entertainment, engaging speakers and fun events 

Q: Are all the funds tax-deductible?

  • Almost -- all but your $30 registration fee. All the funds benefit 4US, an all-volunteer charity, tax ID no. 02-0732247
Q: How long do I have to raise the funds?
  •  300 days. (JAN 1-NOV1).  

Q: What is the fee for  adult chaperones?

  • We so appreciate the support and sacrifice and service of adult chaperones -- however, we must cover our expenses so that 100% of all funds donated by event participants goes to machines & training.  In order to meet this goal we ask the adult chaperones to cover the expenses for their meals, 1 Volunteer tee-shirt and camping. We ask for a $50 tax-deductible donation.
Q: Is there a program for kids younger than 7th grade?
  • Yes! We just started a group called The Light Brigade for kids age 7-11 who are family members of The300.  Learn more.

Q: What if I have difficulties raising funds?  

  • We created the Sponsor A Hero Program as a way to offer scholarship opportunities to some youth & adults who, despite their best efforts, cannot reasonably raise $300 before NOV 1. All participants in the Sponsor A Hero Program must register for the300 and pay the $30 registration at a minimum. You can also download and get details about the program in the300 LEADER RESOURCE GUIDE (available at then click LEADER RESOURCES.
Q: What is the Ignite Your Torch /300 partnership program?
  • Youth who register for and attend the Ignite Your Torch Youth Conference which takes place the weekend before our event, can identify themselves as "Igniters" when they register for the300 and will be provided a sponsorship through the Sponsor A Hero Program. You can learn details more details here.



The 300 2013

Benefiting: 4US

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Aug 15
This event is closed

3 DAYS    4US    4 ETERNITY…

The 300 will volunteer their time, talent and treasure for three days. 
Their sacrifice will benefit 4US. 
Their efforts will echo into eternity…

A 3-day mission trip with local service, regional results and eternal impact.

Time: 3 days. Thurday August 15th 8am to Saturday August 17th 6pm.

Talent: The 300 will produce, host and execute three eternity-impacting events.

Treasure: Each hero will raise $300 for the privilege to serve.

What: A 3-day mission trip with

  •  local service
  •  regional results
  •  eternal impact.

Who: 300 volunteers from

  • Men's & Women's Groups
  • Youth Groups (min age is entering 7th grade)
  • School Groups
  • Individuals

NEW!!! Now 7-11 year old family members of The300 can join in the fun by joining The Light Brigade. Learn more.

When: THU AUG 15 8:00 am - SAT AUG 17 6:00 pm

Where: Ft Steilacoom Park, Lakewood

Why: to benefit 4US and pregnancy resource centers throughout the NW.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Go to The 300 webpage to learn about the challenge, the commitment and rewards of joining The 300.

After joining The 300, you will be provided instructions on how to volunteer for duties.

BE A HERO. JOIN THE 300. Learn more.

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