3 DAYS    4US    4 ETERNITY…

The 300 will volunteer their time, talent and treasure for three days.
Their sacrifice will benefit 4US.
Their efforts will echo into eternity…

Time: 3 days. Thursday July 26th 8am to Saturday July 28th 6pm.
Talent: The 300 will produce, host and execute two eternity-impacting events.
   7.27: TheBEAT – the Northwest’s most energizing and life-affirming concert.
   7.28: The 4US Flagship Event – 4 family-friendly events, 1 life-changing day.
Treasure: Each hero will raise $300 for the privilege to serve.


The 300

Benefiting: 4US

Jul 26
This event is closed

3 DAYS   4US    4 ETERNITY...

For 3 days in the summer of 2012, The 300 will toil, sweat & persevere. They are the stuff of which heroes are made – sacrificing time, talent and treasure in the service of truth. They are the vanguard, leading an army of champions to stand with us, 4US, for life. Armed only with sound and light (ultrasound) they will illuminate hope for countless in crisis; they will vanquish the darkness that has overshadowed this land; and their efforts will echo into eternity…

The 300 will fight in the shade. 

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Go to The 300 webpage to learn about the challenge, the commitment and rewards of joining The 300.

After joining The 300, you will be provided instructions on how to volunteer for duties.

BE A HERO. JOIN THE 300. Learn more.

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